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Earth Day and Environmentally Friendly Products

Protecting the environment of planet Earth is a job for all people across the globe no matter what country they reside in.  It is the most valuable resource mankind has, and steps can be taken by both individuals and businesses to limit the harm done to the environment on both micro and macro levels. To call attention to the potential hazards to the Earth and the environment, Earth Day is celebrated around the world each April the 22nd.

Earth Day

Earth Day is an event that started in 1970 as a way to demonstrate support for environmental protection.  The goal of the day and the events around it is to bring attention to the vital importance of protecting our planet and to bring people together while doing it.  The campaign for Earth Day 2017 is Environmental & Climate Literacy.  Because education is the foundation for progress, the best way to foster change is to teach people about the concepts of climate change and make them aware of the potential threat to our planet.  Environmental groups around the world will be hosting events to educate their community on the things they can do to limit the pollution they contribute, and the steps they can take to make a positive impact on the environment.

At Cheever Specialty Paper & Film we recognize that many of our customers would like to take steps to help the environment whenever possible.  Many times this can mean using products and materials that are environmentally friendly or green.  With our over 75 years of experience designing, and sourcing specialty paper, film and tape for the manufacturing and packaging industries, we have the experience to get you the products you need.  Our capabilities allow us to provide products like papers or tapes that are made of recyclable materials of various percentages to help you lessen your negative impact on the environment.  Our team can also work with you figure out the best materials for your projects requirements that are cost effective while still being environmentally friendly.

For more information on how we can assist you with your paper, film, and tape needs, please contact us.

Designing Solutions for Paper, Film, or Tape Projects

At Cheever Specialty Paper & Film we are more than your typical paper mill or distributor.  Our capabilities and experience allow us to work with you design an innovative solution to meet your needs.  Working within the framework of a 3 step process, our goal is to make sure your problem is solved.

Our 3 Step Process Includes:Custom tape capabilities

  • Design/Communication
  • Sourcing
  • Inventorying

An example of how this process can work is when we recently worked with a medical facility that was having an issue with keeping their operating room totally free of contamination.  After first communicating with them, we learned the problem they were having is when they used a portable overhead lamp to provide light to the area of the body they were working on, sometimes germs or bacteria would bounce off the light lens and into the open area of the body.  This could cause infection and was a serious health risk for patients under their care.

After learning what the issue was, we discussed possible solutions with them and came to the realization that a piece of film that you place over the light lens that is sterile and clean could solve their issue.  The next step was the sourcing process to determine what material would work best.  Once the material type was determined, then figuring out the best size, thickness, and adhesive type.  This process involves trying out different options to make sure the best one is found.  After a few iterations of trial-and error we were able to find the correct product that would cover the light lens without affecting the amount of light shining through, and would not allow germs to bounce off of it.  This was a big benefit for the medical facility as they were able to solve their contamination problem with this lamp lens film.

As part of our full service offerings we also were able to offer this medical facility the option to hold this film inventory for them with our inventory program.  This option allows 30, 60, 90 or even 120 days to hold inventory of this new product.  With delivery times of 1-3 days, you can easily plan and schedule your ongoing needs.

For more information on how our custom innovation capabilities can meet your needs, please reach out to us.

The Benefits of Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Tapes For The Packaging Industry

The packaging industry is a growing field in much demand as it becomes easier and easier to ship items around the world.  Proper packaging is vital in this field to make sure that item reaches its destination in the same shape it was sent out in. Packaging engineers are always looking for the best ways to meet their packaging challenges, and one option is double-sided pressure sensitive adhesives.

Pressure sensitive adhesives do a great job in making sure that the packaging remains in place until it reaches its final destination.  While it is available in many different variations, some of the common types are silicone based, rubber based and acrylic based.  A common tool for packaging engineers , it has a few important advantages that make it a great choice for the packaging industry.

Various Pressure Sensitive Tapes

Advantages of Double-Sided Pressure –Sensitive Adhesives (PSAs)

  1. Flexibility: Using pressure-sensitive adhesives gives you the ability to package products quickly because they do not require heat during application. They are also safer than glue sticks, and less obtrusive than traditional tapes. These characteristics allow you to package products quickly, without blocking any branding or logos on the packaging which helps maintain brand awareness.
  2. Instant Bond: Pressure- sensitive adhesives will help you increase your packaging speed due to its instant bonding capability. No time is spent waiting for the adhesive to cure, it will bond instantly as soon as you apply it and add pressure to it. This a huge benefit for high volume packaging operations.
  3. Variety of Applications: Versatility is important, and pressure-sensitive adhesives are versatile due to their ability to meet many different packaging requirements. From bonding metalized PET or being removable for consumers, PSAs are available in many different sizes and tack levels to fit your packaging needs.

At Cheever Specialty Paper & Film we can supply you with the pressure-sensitive adhesives that will meet all of your packaging needs. We also supply many other packaging materials including specialty paper and specialty films. For more information about our products and the services we offer please contact us here.

The Growing Demand for Adhesive Tapes in the Medical and Packaging Industries

The global adhesives and tape market is growing rapidly. By 2020, over 53.78 billion square meters of different bonding products will be created and used by numerous industries. However a close breakdown of the numbers shows that applications in healthcare and packaging outnumber the consumption in other sectors by a definitive margin.

Silicone Adhesive Tape

Adhesives & Their Components:

A good adhesive is not only durable with high bonding strength, it is also flexible and doesn’t corrode the surface to which it is applied. Both the medical industry and the packaging industry have different demands so the right category of tape is found by experimenting with carrier, the adhesive and the release liner.

Why are Adhesive Tapes so Popular?

Adhesive tapes offer significant non-intrusive benefits that mechanical fastening options do not. They typically remove the need of screws and non-structural substrates that are risky to handle and can’t be used on surfaces like sensitive human skin. Also adhesive tapes are cost effective, they are flexible, and their disposal doesn’t pose environmental hazards.

Use of Adhesive Tapes in the Medical & Packaging Industry:

In the medical industry adhesive tapes are generally of two kinds:

  • Structural tapes are chemically cured and used to hold together surgical instruments, rubber bumpers on crutches and figure prominently in the manufacture of IV tube sets.
  • Pressure Sensitive tapes which necessitate the application of higher pressure to forge the initial bond. Found in acrylic, silicone and hydrogel variants, these adhesives are extremely flexible and can hold together plastics, uneven surfaces with dips and bumps and even human skin.

The packaging industry relies on adhesive tapes to secure carrier boxes that store goods and perishables. Because of the rise of e-retailing and drop shipping, there is an inherent need to ensure the safe transit if often delicate and fragile items. Adhesives play a major role in this regard, especially in the food and beverage sector where the goods might be rendered unusable if they are jostled or exposed to the elements.

At Cheever Specialty Paper & Film we are specialists in tailored adhesive tapes and films. We take the time to understand our client’s needs, and then use our years of experience to get the best product for their application to them.  In the past we have served the pharmaceutical and medical industry by providing products for wound care, surgical drapes and gowns and medical devices.  Contact us for more information about our products and services.