Corrugated Packaging Stops Bacteria

One of the most popular forms of packaging for food items are returnable plastic containers or RPCs.  They are widely used in the food industry because the plastic used to make these containers creates a durable packaging option that can be used multiple times, while keeping the food items inside fresh.  Recently new scientific research has been done that shows evidence that a better packaging option to keep food fresh is corrugated packaging.  The findings from this study could lead to a shift in the packaging of choice for food storage and shipment.


A research study conducted by a research team at the University of Bologna’s Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences, and published in Frontiers in Microbiology, had results which showed corrugated containers keep fruit and vegetables fresh up to three days longer than RPCs. The study showed that bacteria or microorganisms would get trapped in the paper fibers and die due to lack of water and nutrients.  Without the corrugated material to trap them, bacteria would survive much longer on plastic surfaces.   The goal of this study was to study microorganisms that could cause foodborne illness and see how they reacted when exposed to both plastic and corrugate packaging materials.  While the study was carried out with both materials under the same environmental and correct storage conditions, it was clear that the corrugated packaging material was able to stop bacteria and keep food fresher longer.

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