The Benefits of Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Tapes For The Packaging Industry

The packaging industry is a growing field in much demand as it becomes easier and easier to ship items around the world.  Proper packaging is vital in this field to make sure that item reaches its destination in the same shape it was sent out in. Packaging engineers are always looking for the best ways to meet their packaging challenges, and one option is double-sided pressure sensitive adhesives.

Pressure sensitive adhesives do a great job in making sure that the packaging remains in place until it reaches its final destination.  While it is available in many different variations, some of the common types are silicone based, rubber based and acrylic based.  A common tool for packaging engineers , it has a few important advantages that make it a great choice for the packaging industry.

Various Pressure Sensitive Tapes

Advantages of Double-Sided Pressure –Sensitive Adhesives (PSAs)

  1. Flexibility: Using pressure-sensitive adhesives gives you the ability to package products quickly because they do not require heat during application. They are also safer than glue sticks, and less obtrusive than traditional tapes. These characteristics allow you to package products quickly, without blocking any branding or logos on the packaging which helps maintain brand awareness.
  2. Instant Bond: Pressure- sensitive adhesives will help you increase your packaging speed due to its instant bonding capability. No time is spent waiting for the adhesive to cure, it will bond instantly as soon as you apply it and add pressure to it. This a huge benefit for high volume packaging operations.
  3. Variety of Applications: Versatility is important, and pressure-sensitive adhesives are versatile due to their ability to meet many different packaging requirements. From bonding metalized PET or being removable for consumers, PSAs are available in many different sizes and tack levels to fit your packaging needs.

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