Consumers Prefer Reading From Paper versus a Screen

New Survey from Two Sides
A study that has just come out in June of 2015 is stating something we all pretty much know and feel everyday – we prefer to read something from a piece of paper versus reading on a screen. Two Sides is a global organization created to promote the responsible production, use and sustainability of print paper.

Retaining Information
This is really the overall theme or finding in this study – 88% of respondents believe they understand and can retain information better when they read print on paper. I think is true with so many people and myself included. The study presents great facts and is not a pro-paper study, the results really show a clear liking for not reading from a screen.

When Given a Choice
If given a choice between reading an article on paper or from a screen, 81% preferred to read print on a paper. You have to stop and sort of repeat that to yourself – 81%. So what are you “reading” on that tablet – quick game highlights, stock quotes, advertisements.

You Feel Relaxed
The best part of this finding, it doesn’t change between age groups. 75% indicated that they were more relaxed and receptive when reading a newspaper in Print compared to 36% who felt more relaxed and receptive when reading a newspaper from a Screen. This talks to how you take in your information. People feel more comfortable with a magazine in their hand versus trying to balance a tablet in their hands or lap. Since the push or switch to digital reading, consumers are worried about the effects on learning and literacy, this was also highlighted by the study.

Who Reads Advertisements
This one is for all the marketing print add agencies, the study states, 64% pay more attention to advertising when reading magazines in print versus on line. 60% pay more attention to advertising when reading newspapers in print versus on line.

Books Encourage Learning
Chat this one up around the water cooler and see what you get for responses – Do you think we should just do away with books, and just go right to digital? You will most likely get a resounding no.
68% believe that books are more likely to encourage learning and the development of other skills than using screens.
63% worry that children are not going to learn as much without books. So is this a perception “feeling” with people or are they basing this on how they grew up. Maybe these folks need to embrace the times and the Tablet is the new way to learn. Well not so fast according to the survey, books are going to be around for a long time folks.

Summary Take Away
Magazines, Books, Whitepapers are going to be around for a long time. We prefer to print that article out on how to repair a deck versus trying to scroll up back and sideways. There are just things a human mind can do better than a device, and flipping a page is one of them folks. The full story and U.S. survey report can be downloaded at two Sides website:

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