Cheever Specialty Products is now – Cheever Specialty Paper & Film

Cheever Specialty Products changes name to Cheever Specialty Paper & Film to better align with their current Branding and Marketing strategy around Specialty Paper and Film products.

Wakefield, MA (PRWEB) May 1, 2015
“Cheever Specialty Products has gone through some great changes in the last couple of months”, stated Jeff Ell new owner and President.  “As of November 1st 2014, we completed the sale, one of the first changes on the agenda was a name change to really reflect the current offerings and branding, we think we accomplished this with – Cheever Specialty Paper & Film”.

Cheever Specialty Paper & Film has been supplying Paper, Film and Tape to all major industries for over 75 years.  Cheever provides a unique value proposition with their Inventory Program.  Cheever will hold 30, 60, 90 or even 120 days of your inventory.

“We are moving slow in the beginning to completely understand the current mix of customers, and what problem we are solving for them,” Ell continued.  “We have a very diverse mix of customers in just about all the major industries from Automotive, Medical, Food and Building Construction.”

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“We have found with our existing customers, they all take advantage of the ability for us to hold their inventory for them.   Working for over 20 years with some of the same manufactures, we have been able to provide some very unique Paper or Film solutions – Virgin Kraft, Quilon, SCK, Parchment, Silicon coated release liners and all kinds of Films”

“The conversations we are having now with customers are telling of the current economy – can you provide your product or service at lower cost and shorter lead times.  Some of the biggest feedback we have received is around providing samples of our offerings.  This is something the industry as a whole struggles with”, Ell states.

“Customers need to proto type and then need samples, distributors and vendors don’t want to provide samples until they know there is good volume – often a catch twenty two, where the customer ends up in the middle”,  Ell states this is an area they are 100% listening too and putting processes in place with their key suppliers.

About Cheever Specialty Paper & Film

Cheever provides services for being your one stop information source and supplier for Paper, Film & Tape.  A key differentiator for Cheever is their Inventory program.  Their depth and experience in Inventory Cost and Supply chain logistics is key to their business model.

Cheever provides Kraft paper coated or un-coated, as well as a paper or film based release liner for every industry and use. Film in standard and non standard sizes from PET too polypropylene, pressure sensitive tapes and pressure sensitive release liners.  Cheever will work with you to design and spec out your material needs as well as helping you manage the project.

Cheryl Kapourelakos
Cheever Specialty Paper & Film