An 844% Increase in Notebook Usage

I’m a big fan of Inc. magazine, being a small business there is some good information that I manage to pull from the issue every month. An article just posted in the recent issue, talks about the increase of the use of Notebooks – yes folks Notebooks.

“It’s cheap and portable, it has unlimited battery line and you know what, it makes your brain and employees’ brains work better” . A comment from the owner of a bag and wallet maker in Denver, Tanya Fleisher says “writing things down helps you internalize and process the information on a visceral level”.

The overall theme of the article is this – with pen and paper in hand, you are free to move, jot, scratch, rub, erase as fast or as slow as you want. Trying to do the same with a computer, tablet etc, you end up putting too much concentration and effort. in getting that little line with the arrow at the end to touch the other line at just the right section. And that is where the creativity stops flowing and the frustration starts with trying to get things to line up, or the right shade or the size – we all have experienced it.

While there is no scientific evidence quantifying any productivity benefits of paper over computer, but they do see that the companies that integrate paper into their workflow report positive results, from fewer meetings to better, more thoughtful ideas. This may explain the recent boom in notebooks. This is just a crazy stat here – Tim Jacobsen, founder of Word Notebooks, reports and 844 percent increase in sales over the same period. Yes I’m a paper guy and love these types of articles, but definitely a trend to take “note” of!!. For other articles and information on Paper, Film and Tape please visit our website –