The Rise in Popularity of Facial Masks Made From Nonwoven Materials

When it comes to innovation, the cosmetic field is like any other, always looking for the next new thing that will be supported by its target audience.  Facial masks are one product that has become very popular in China over the last decade, and are now beginning to make its way to the United States.  These masks are worn to help hydrate skin, smooth fine lines and unclog pores.  A unique aspect of these facial masks are the material they are made from, which have provided many skin care benefits, not previously seen.

Nonwoven Facial Mask

Facial Mask Materials:

Previously facial masks were dominated by cotton and synthetic materials like polypropylene and nylon.  Recently though the substrates that are used in facial sheet masks have become nonwoven fabric, which can vary in fibers/fiber combinations and processing technologies/shapes. These are positioned as natural materials and include lyocell and cuprammonium which are marketed as a type of silk that mimics the appearance and skin feel of real silk.

Benefits of Nonwoven Materials:

By using combinations of these non-woven materials, interesting results have been found.  A sheet mask that combines Tencel with tourmaline and organic germanium has claimed the benefits of repairing and detoxifying by emitting infrared to maintain the skin temperature between the range of 25-30 degrees Celsius.  This is the temperature range at which cell metabolism and microcirculation are said to be accelerated and maximize the skin detoxification.  Another combination of nonwoven materials is Tercel combined with silica-encapsulated nonmagnetic powder.  This combination has been said to stimulate microcirculation and deliver the benefits of smoothing out wrinkles and slimming the face.

Consumer Comfort:

Even with all the new combinations of nonwoven materials to be used for facial masks, user experience, efficiency, and safety cannot be forgotten when creating these new products.  It is important that the materials are not irritating to the face, and that they must properly fit tightly to the face.  While new masks are being created from these nonwoven materials, making sure the comfort of the consumer is not lost is very important.

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